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Piling:  In printing, the building up or caking of ink on rollers, plate or blanket; is not going to transfer readily.  Also, the accumulation of paper dust or coating to the blanket of offset push.

Grippers:  The metal fingers on the printing push that maintain the paper as it passes from the press.

L-Sealer: A term used to describe gear where the seal location is in the shape of the "L". Transportable Shrink Wrap Methods

Polyethylene:  A synthetic resin of higher molecular weight ensuing through the polymerization of ethylene gas stressed.

Diluent:  A liquid possessing no solvent electricity by by itself, utilized to slim an ink; not getting a solvent motion.

Offsetting:  See established-off.  In printing, the process of utilizing an intermediate blanket cylinder to transfer a picture in the graphic carrier to your substrate.  Limited for offset lithography. Alt:  Also, an unpleasant occurring when the photographs of freshly printed sheets transfer photographs to each other.

Critical plate:  The plate of the list of color plates which carries element also to which the opposite plates are registered.

Equipment streaks:  In printing, parallel streaks appearing through the printed sheet at identical interval as gear enamel to the cylinder.

Distortion copy:  Copy which can be deliberately distorted in planning, so as to compensate for the effects of dimensional improvements as a result of subsequent processing or dog groaning pain operation.  Flexographic printing involves these types of allowances to compensate for shrinkage, stretch, and many others.

System variety:  A type employed for the leading section or text of a printed piece, as distinguished through the heading.

PIV:  Pulsating Invariable Variator.  A pace variator Command is applicable to numerous kinds of apparatus, with various precise functions.  On printing press it synchronizes line velocity of press (gear velocity) or attract.  Rolls with that or even the moving eb.

Corrugation marks:  A paper defect owning the appearance of "rope" or "chain" marks parallel to the way of World wide web journey, brought on dog has pain in stomach by adjacent hard and smooth spots.

Anchoring:  In flexographic printing, expression describing strategy of bonding or fusing inks for the substrate.

Capillary action:  A phenomenon related with area pressure and angle of Make contact with.  That force which transfers inks and coatings from engraved cells into a getting in contact with surface area as from an anilox roll.

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